Revenue Integrity Services


Revenue Integrity Services

The team at Net Revenue is aligned behind our single mission to provide superior revenue integrity services to hospitals, both large and small.

Net Revenue uses multi-channel expertise to identify cross-level minute issues that can easily slide under the radar resulting in continued revenue leakage. To us, the revenue cycle begins with Clinical Documentation to record the complexities of the O.R. and E.R services provided. The dynamics of these departments increase the risk of revenue loss from incomplete documentation or miscoded procedures. Net Revenue begins with auditing clinical documentation, then reviews your financial processes, re-bills missed items and codes, and provides education to improve collaboration between departments. Learn more about each service by choosing below:
Learn more about each service by choosing below:

Net Revenue’s process ensures results and recovers revenue!

Software Tools

Healthcare Software that understands YOU!

Make your operations more productive and profitable. Subscription-based fee. Low implementation costs.
Easy-to-use components designed by your team. Seamlessly upgrades.

  • Denials Management

    Sophisticated Kanban Board tool to effectively analyze your 835 CARC and RARC denials. Excellent management reporting to assist process improvement in reducing lost revenue.

  • Contract Analysis

    Robust software capable of modeling complex payer contract terms, including Medicare APGs, to identify and recover improper payments due to incorrect adjudication of claims by your payers.

Documentation Cycle
Benefits & Bonus

NRA transforms the challenges of the decision makers into the success of the organization.

  • Stop revenue leakage
  • Improve cash generation
  • Enhance product costing
  • Rationalize pricing
  • Review nursing documentation
  • Inservice HIM coders
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Your O.R. & E.R. account for 50% of your Supply Costs, Admissions, and Margin

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