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Emergency Room
Revenue Integrity Program

EmergencyRoom Revenue Integrity Program

Emergency Room Revenue Integrity Program

Inadequate documentation by clinical staff results in inaccurate coding and billing

If every second counts for your patients, why not make every dollar count for your facility? Most Emergency rooms experience revenue leakage in more than one way. Correcting these issues requires a coordinated audit function in conjunction with a professionally developed and consistently used leveling system. Net Revenue created a CDI program that combines the financial, clinical, and coding expertise needed to produce a consistent and accurate billing methodology.

NET REVENUE’s Emergency Room Revenue Integrity Program identifies weaknesses in your processes that result in lost revenue. Accounts are simultaneously reviewed by RN’s, RHIT specialists, and financial professionals to determine process deficiencies. Where possible and appropriate, rebilling of the lost revenue is completed and CASH IS COLLECTED! Additionally, your facility’s E&M leveling tool is reviewed for correctness and updated as needed.

With the knowledge gained from the audit, Net Revenue experts will…

    ..necessary training to bring the hospital’s staff into full compliance with the new regime.


    ..the hospital personnel in achieving the goals of their departmental work plans, through both telephonic communication and onsite visits, resulting in full implementation of solutions to the loss of revenue.


    ..a post audit review of emergency room cases and verify that process deficiencies have been corrected.


    ..ongoing support.

The Facts

Operating Room and Emergency Room account for 50% supply cost, admissions, & margins.

Documentation drives Coding & Charge Capture which leads to Net Revenue

Net Revenue Associates will help get your Clinical & Financial Departments in Sync

  • Miscoding of Clinical Documentation→
    begins the breakdown of the revenue cycle
  • Misunderstanding of Medicare regulation on charges→ results in missed revenue
  • Focusing only on the CDM→ leaves gaps in revenue recovery
  • Clinical complexity→ causes revenue leakage

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